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About Blank Pages - Giving an old classic a new lease of life


Q Will the book be printed?

A Yes, we'll like to look at this as a possibility in future.

Q How will I be credited for my work?

A Your hard work won't go unrecognised! Next to each page's illustration you can see that the name of the artist is credited, along with a website link to their portfolio.

Q How long after I send my work in will it go live?

A We'll try and keep things up to date, but it may be a week or two depending on the levels of submissions we receive.

Q How does the selection process work?

A We'll simply be picking the best from what gets sent to us. We aim to make the book as creatively interesting and visually beautiful as possible, and will make our selections on this basis.

Q Why don't you use a simple voting system?

A We did consider it, but we felt that while a voting system may be more democratic, we have seen far too many design competition results be subverted by some entrants gaining high recognition due to them simply having better social media skills!

This way we can ensure that a good range of creative styles will be used throughout.

Q What is the deadline for entries?

A This is an ongoing project - with no immediate deadline. More of it being complete once everyone agrees that it looks great! So feel free to take as long as you need..

Q Can I send in a number of entries for the book?

A Yes, you may indeed submit multiple page illustrations. There is no limit per person.

Q What is the policy on adult content?

A This is a children's fairy tale, so we are aware that a lot of children may access it - therefore please refrain from using obscenities or nudity in your illustrations (it won't fit with the storyline anyway!).

Q Is there anything else that is not allowed in my submitted artwork?

A The only conditions are that the work is all your own original creation - so no materials that are copied from other sources. Also, no use of copyright protected imagery can be used within the designs - such as company logos (but as Dorothy didn't tend to wear Nike trainers, so you shouldn't need to!).

By submitting your work, you agree that all work is your own original creation.

Q Why should I contribute to the book?

A We really do feel like this will be an amazing project for all involved. If your work is featured within the book it will provide valuable exposure, which is great for all illustrators, whatever their level - student, graduate or professional.

Artwork specifications...

Q What resolution image should I submit?

A We will accept any resolution images. But it's always best to do your work as big as possible.

Q What size dimensions should I work to?

A We recommend working to roughly A4 size at 300dpi, but to keep things simple - you can do it to any size dimension. Just remember to keep it it portrait, so that it is the same shape at the page size!

Q Should I work in CMYK or RGB?

A We recommend you work in RGB, so that it will look good on screen. And it will convert okay to CMYK at a later date should we want to create a printed version of the book.


Q Do you have any imagery available for press usage?

A Yes, you can view a gallery containing a selection of high resolution logos and illustrations here, which are available for any press or PR instances related to this Blank Pages project. For more press info, please download our press pack PDF.

Still unsure about something?...

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